Artist Residency
VR & New Media, 2021

Poliedro artistic residency program will bring together emerging non-digital artists, art researchers, new-media artists and VR developers to facilitate their collaboration and mutual growth.

This residency program will provide a series of online talks, webinars and workshops about Art + Technology, NFTs, augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), from the standpoint of visual arts and art research, promoting dialogue and collaboration.

One of the main goals of this online art residency is to give opportunity for non-digital artists to create VR art projects in collaboration with VR developers/builders, facilitating the encounter between traditional media art and new-media art.

The program will include academic art researchers and professional curators presentations with possible challenges and visions for the future of art (its ecosystem, market, production, institutions). Part of this program will be dedicated to artistic creation.

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• Create a platform and community to discuss art + technology (NFTs, VR art, AR art).

• Promote emerging artists

• Push boundaries: create a channel of communication between non-digital artists and VR builders; create a channel between Academic Art Research and blockchain technology.

• Help closing the gap between the traditional/mainstream art channels (museums, art institutions, universities, artists-run projects) and DAOs.

• Implementation of projects and transactions in the NEAR ecosystem.

• Help create NEAR Wallets and introduce the participants to the different platforms in which they can interact with peers.
• Use the NEAR token to reward participants.

• Discuss ideas and possible aesthetic and virtual experience problems and share visions about the future of art.

• Discuss new ways to exhibit artistic work online; currently what exists is the traditional exhibit space being transposed to the metaverse, and we believe there are new and exciting ways to do it.

• Bring more people to the NEAR ecosystem and advance the idea of DeFi and collaborative DAOs.

• Help increasing credibility and critical thought to a rapidly growing field, increasing resilience and long term stability.

• Promote NFT’s among traditional visual arts channels.

Participant Artists:

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