︎ Videonale 19 - Open Call

The Open Call for the 19th edition of the Videonale is open to artists and filmmakers, distributors, universities and galleries worldwide. The VIDEONALE.19 competition is open to all types of experimental time-based artistic works - single and multi-channel video, video installations, performances, sound art and virtual reality. Artists of any nationality and any age can submit up to two works. Studies at and a degree from an art academy are not required for participation. There is no restriction on duration, content, theme or genre; however, works submitted must have been completed after January 1, 2020.

An international jury will review all submitted works and decide on participation. All selected works will be presented in a six-week exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn and in an accompanying exhibition catalog. The six-week exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive festival program.

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︎   OPEN CALL ZONA Lamego 2022

ZONA - Art Residencies in Lamego, aims to integrate in the municipality of Lamego a door to contemporary artistic development and the promotion of interdisciplinary languages, where all the most diverse artistic expressions are considered. The OPEN CALL is open to the presentation of portfolios and CVs of all national artists residing in the continent. This year's proposal focuses on artists that develop installation or site-specific in outdoor environments, boosting the characteristic mark of which the festival expands - the exploration of the territory. The theme is free and in this edition the selection of the two artists will be done by the writer and artist Gisela Casimiro. The residency period is 15 days before the festival starts, August 15 - 22, with the opening on the 23rd. Cachet of 600€ + travel and stay.

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︎ New project  3XR> NEARCRIBS

NEARCRIBS is a new project from 3XR that is a collection of generative NFTs of virtual spaces. In 3XR everyone can have a personal space. Each CRIB is a combination of 5 different layers with different rarity traits. CRIBS owners are able to customize them as they like and use them to show minted or owned tokens. At this stage (Gen 0) only 100 unique tokens were minted. By signing up on CRIBlist, subscribers received a token in their wallet that they could mint in the pre-sale on June 15th.

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︎ COMA, a short-story experiment on 3XR

Last March a literary experiment was launched on the 3XR platform by writer frnvpr.near. Aiming to experiment with non-linear narratives presented in the metaverse, this project was supported by Incubadora DAO, VR DAO ( and NEAR University through its fellowships program (

The galery HERE 

The galery on Mintbase HERE 

Fragments of the story HERE

Cover HERE 

︎ New partnership with 3XR Space

Incubadora recently announced an official partnership with 3XR Space, a Web 3.0 platform for customizable virtual galleries. 3XR took its first steps within the NEAR protocol as a feature of the Mintbase marketplace. With the CreateThing tool any NEAR user with their NearID can customize a gallery by choosing from the thousands of NFTs available on Mintbase, i.e. the tool allows curation in the metaverse and at very affordable prices (fees are minimal). Another new feature is about creating galleries from a DAO’s adress. To learn step-by-step how to create your own customizable gallery and launch exhibitions, showrooms and more, we have created a video tutorial (see FAQ).

With this new partnership, Incubadora intends to contribute to the curation of projects, events and exhibitions and to create bridges between 3XR Space and Lusophone artists. We will invite curators, artists and mainstream culture professionals to use, experiment and learn about blockchain, metaverse and NFTs and have them contribute with their thoughts, knowledge and aesthetic quality.

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︎ Documenta 15 - the collectivity in focus

Every five years happens in the city of Kassel, Germany, one of the most important art exhibitions: the Documenta. This year, 2022, the 15th edition will take place between June 18 and September 25, curated and directed by a collective of artists called ruangrupa based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The motto for this year's Documenta is the Indonesian term lumbung which refers to community rice growing barns, and the entire edition will revolve around the idea of collectivity, the sharing of resources in a communal way, and collaboration.

The ruangrupa group invites other groups, collectives and organizations to practice lumbung, creating new forms of collectivity and sharing and working towards the emergence of new models of sustainability. For example, the Berlin-based artist collective Fehras Publishing Practices, which understands the publishing process as the production and accumulation of knowledge and which builds on publications to create seminars, meetings, films, installations, and other artistic interventions. Or Subversive Film, which is a collective of production and research in Cinema that aims to bring new light to historical works about Palestine and its surroundings, preserving and investigating archives on the subject. There are dozens of participating collectives and artists and a program available on the site for those who cannot visit in person, with talks and lectures:

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