Incubadora DAO is a platform that aims to create a laboratory of experimentation in arts + technology by developing collaborations between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural professionals through technology. Due to the growing precariousness of the cultural sector and artistic work, we intend to devise emancipatory solutions and help reshape the ecosystem of traditional art using Blockchain and DeFi technologies.

This initiative was established within NEAR, a proof-of-stake blockchain that builds on community building of creatives and developers, with the purpose of supporting artists and creatives in their work. Thus, we created a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) which simply means a group, collective or organization that uses blockchain technology not only for its transactions but to make collective decisions in a transparent way.

As NEAR is also a cryptocurrency we intend to develop projects in which all participants are paid in the NEAR currency.

Our Goals:

  • Create a digital platform that offers the space for artists and creatives of the Portuguese-speaking world to come together, propose new ideas and develop collaborations.

  • Build a community in the NEAR ecosystem where everyone is heard and everyone can truly speak their mind and bring who they are to the table

  • Organise online events, workshops, seminars and artistic residencies where we connect curators, researchers and artists of various fields

  • Create continuous opportunities for emerging artists and cultural professionals

  • Coach and mentor artists from the Portuguese-speaking world to enter the NEAR community by clarifying concepts and help everyone overcome any associated difficulties

  • Connect with other DAOs in order to better implement solutions and share knowledge

  • Connect with in person projects and physical spaces in order to organise also in person events and workshops.

  • Increase involvement of field experts in NEAR’s ecosystem through connections made with institutions such as universities, research institutes, observatories and art organisations.

  • Research, experiment and implement new ways of artistic expressions to be developed, collaborations created and financial compensations given for the  participation and creation of artistic projects.

  • Promote the collaboration between artists and DApp developers.

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